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The Future of Marketing, Automation and Support

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Become an Authorized Partner today

Energize your career with us!  

Once you become a velociTEAM Strategies Authorized Partner, you unlock the power of your own potential.

Leverage our brand, technology, partnerships and experiences to start your own business. 

Well, it's started, it just needs you!

What is the Authorized Partner Program?

The velociTEAM Strategies Authorized Partner program offers entrepreneurs a franchise-like opportunity in the AI industry without the hassle of starting from scratch.

By joining the program, partners gain access to velociTEAM's established industry connections, a recognized brand, a comprehensive technology stack, and essential back office support.

Additionally, partners benefit from ready-made training programs, marketing materials, a range of in-house products, and pre-acquired leads. This "business in a box" solution significantly lowers the barriers to entry for those looking to venture into AI, providing a pathway to business ownership and financial freedom.

Although there is a licensing fee, it grants partners entry into a well-developed ecosystem designed to facilitate rapid business growth and success in the AI sector. VelociTEAM's goal is to create a network of driven partners eager to make a difference with AI, offering a solid foundation for launching and expanding their own businesses.

We are not offering an e-book, framework or some other "here's how you start a business."  THI IS ACCESS TO THE BUSINESS ALREADY STARTED!

What Our Partners Receive:



All services sold are paired with very strong commission payouts.  Most revenue is passed through to our partners.



Residual income is the key to building wealth.  All sales made are paired with residual commissions.



That's right.  Most levels of partnership receive leads every month to help our partners succeed.  



All partners receive access to training material on all product offerings as well as sales and marketing training.



Our top level partners receive access to their very own CRM platform to manage their outreach and LMS for training.



Most levels of partnership come with one to one business coaching, monthly to help grow their skills and hone their ideas.



Along with leads, partners also receive access to marketing materials such as collateral, pitch decks and scripts.



Partners are equipped with leading industry partnerships to offer high quality solutions to their clients, growing a lasting base.

What Will You Sell?

As an Authorized Partner, you will sell some of the top AI product offerings from industry leading partnerships that velociTEAM Strategies has made.

From generative AI platforms for business, to Natural Language AI chat assistants, and AI digital marketing, support and operations and so much more.  

Our Authorized Partner offerings started with one simple product offering and has now grown into a suite of 6 different AI products and services. 

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