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human like
voice assistant

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Synthflow's AI Voice Assistants sound just like humans, and can be trained quickly with your data. Our cutting-edge model is trained to handle any business process: making outbound calls, answering inbound calls, and scheduling appointments 24/7.

We are here to help you integrate, train, setup and deploy.  We focus on the task to keep your business on track!


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synthflow features

  • AI Mimics live human interaction for natural voice conversations

  • Put calls on autopilot, handling inbound and outbound calls 24/7

  • Schedule appointments in real time

  • Instantiate actions like real-time booking and SMS follow-up

  • You choose the voice or even clone your own

  • Integrates with all your favorite apps

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synthflow use cases

  • Book more appointments

  • Qualify leads

  • Screen and qualify candidates

  • Send reminders

  • 24/7 service to increase satisfaction and reduce the strain on the bottom line

  • And more - just describe a case and we can make it happen!

industries  we enhance

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Real Estate

  • Recruiting (especially retail)

  • Solar

  • Consultling/Coaching

  • Your's missing?  LET US KNOW!

why choose  us 

  • Dedicated, qualified team of AI experts

  • Integration ninjas

  • Prompting gurus for better conversations

  • Personalized experience

  • Guidance to maximize ROI and speed to market

  • We focus on this task so you and the team can focus on yours

Let's talk Synthflow today!

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