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The smarter
chat assistant

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velociCHAT is a smarter webpage assistant.  velociCHAT will be trained on every inch of your companies website, products, service, offerings and can learn additional information from supporting documentation. 


Start providing unmatched service to your visitors or employees when you cannot.  

velociCHAT Features

  • AI Mimics live human interaction for natural conversations

  • Tailored to your site, products, and services

  • Suitable for customer support or employee assistance

  • Customizable chat interface

  • Add lead generation capabilities

  • Add GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 for enhanced conversations

  • Fully managed by VelociTEAM to keep you focused

  • Starting at $75/month

velociCHAT Use Cases

  • Convert more shoppers on your e-store

  • Turn web browsers in to leads with our lead capture feature

  • Provide tier one support and assistance for your internal teams 

  • Make your customer knowledge base more powerful, robust and interactive

  • 24/7 service to increase satisfaction and reduce the strain on the bottom line

  • And more - just describe a case and we can make it happen!

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